Discover secrets of Naples


On a visit to Naples with a private driver, take the chance to visit the third-largest city in Italy and one of the oldest, most delicious and most artistic ones.

Archeological museum

The national archeological museum is filled with incredible relics from nearby Pompeii with sculptures, mosaics and many personal items on show, that were recovered in the wake of the Mt Vesuvius eruption. The archeological museum is one of the best museums in Italy filled with frescoes, art and historic artifacts.

Naples Cathedral (Il Duomo)

Another place which you do not want to miss in Naples is the Duomo, which is an ancient Cathedral erected in memory of the Saint of Naples. The Feast of Saint Gennaro is also held here each year on 19th September in which the vials of the patron Saint’s blood are taken out to see if the blood liquefies.

Outside, you will find the street of Spaccanapoli, which dived the historic city center. This is a particularly pretty area to explore on a tour with cobblestone streets, stalls etc and the perfect chance to watch local people going about their day as you take a stroll. Then on to San Carlo Theater is often referred to as the most famous opera house the world that hosts the biggest performers in the world on a regular basis.

Pizza at lunch

Who doesn't love pizza? Well, come to Naples the birthplace of pizza!

This will be the best pizza you will have ever tasted in your life, in Naples there are no less than 3 thousands pizzerias, it’s a huge part of our culture. The most famous pizzeria’s are certainly “Gino Sorbillo’s” and “da Michele “, both located in the historic city center. Sorbillo’s maybe is the most social pizza place in Italy and in the world, because the owner (Gino sorbillo) is very well known around the globe, he likes to experiment using some biological flower and tries to push more intense ingredie


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